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Ep 12: A Dutch Fairytale

Ep 12: A Dutch Fairytale

July 31, 2018

In this special episode, we speak about Elfia Haarzuilens, the fairytale festival that is held annually at Haarzuilens castle. Unlike regular cons, this festival is held in open air, and it's more about medieval era, fairytales, and craftsmanship rather than modern superhero comics, and art. You see massive number of extremely creative original characters, walk around and enjoy all the different music, shows, and food. It's impossible to get bored there.


To give you a better picture, we are hosting three Dutch cosplayers in this episode. With us we have

  • Carola Wijsman (DamaniaCarola): Dutch cosplayer, and so far has contributed the largest amount of cosplay photos, series, and characters to CosplayWon.
  • Evan Weber (Foxybadger): Talented Dutch cosplayer and costume maker.
  • Judith Lenders (KirasCostumes): Passionate and talented in creating her own original characters.


Listen to why this may be the best festial in the Netherlands. Also, what's up with all the wasps?


NOTE: This episode was recorded right after Elfia Haarzuilens 2018 back in early May. But due to sudden illness, and then the trip to MCM London, and the workload of photo editing that goes with it, edit and release of this episode has been delayed.  Also, we apologize for some of the low quality audio in this episode. 


We pormise you yet a fun 1:40 hours of cosplay chat.


Show Notes:

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