Episode 4: Interview With Sabrina Carlotti (BriiMassacre)

April 15, 2017

When her nanny taught Sabrina sewing as a young child, she had no idea what this skill is gonna grow up into. Sabrina Carlotti (BriiMassacre) today is young known English cosplayer, costumer, prop maker, and makeup artist. Cosplaying has shaper her life in more than one way.


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Episode 2 - Interview with Steve Taylor

April 8, 2017

Steve Taylor (DarkCovinusCosplay) is an English cosplayer, costumer, and prop maker. He's famous for his Bankai cosplay, which the voice actor behind the character, Vic Mignogna got to try himself! We speak to Steve about his start, passion, interest, funny and embarassing cosplay memories, and a bonus tip about his latest favorite survival game.


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Steve Taylor Profile

Small Fry Cosplay
Iron Manda Cosplayer and Gamer

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